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Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Our vision with actions has changed our world.


EARLY INFINITY: New Infinity Synergy, was known as INFINITY SYNERGY on its inception, first established in 1981 By REV ADENIRAN IDOWU SAMUEL to promote and challenge the oil and commodities mandate, to embrace and incorporate best practices to improve the growth and expansion of their seller’s market share and at the same time eliminates cost constraints that act as barriers to buyers in Nigeria and African oil industry.


New Infinity Synergy was incorporated in 2013 by ADENIRAN OLUWASEUN JEREMIAH to engage in trading of petroleum products and crude oil. Its operations cover both the upland and Riverine areas in the national energy market with a humble beginning.


We are a major player in the Oil business with a growing list of offices and duly registered in Ghana and South Africa, including those in Europe and America. Our resources and strengths have established us as a major provider in the global energy market while enhancing our status as a global player in oil trading.

We consolidate our business activities in:

  • Crude oil & Refined products
  • Commodities brokerage
  • Real estate and business consulting.